Magnetic Gauge Blocks

Custom-made, Short Production Time
Magnetic Gauge Blocks
Magnetic Gauge Blocks
Magnetic Gauge Blocks
Magnetic Gauge Blocks
Magnetic Gauge Blocks




Size: Conventional and even extreme sizes of block magnets according to your requirement.

Appearance: Smooth and Bright Surface, Burr-Free.

Advantages: Short production time and good price because of the simply production process.

Customized service

Grades: N30~N52, N30M~N52M, N30H~N52H, N30SH~N48SH, N25UH~N45UH, N28EH~N40EH, N28AH~N40AH

Size: According to customer's requirement, we can produce regular size and large size.

Magnetization mode: mostly thickness magnetization

Coating: conventional nickel-copper-nickel, blue-white zinc, phosphating/passivation, epoxy (phosphating, nickel-copper, nickel-copper-nickel base); other special coatings can also be provided: Teflon, gold plating, silver plating, Perrin, aluminium coating (new coating)


Mainly used in all kinds of high-efficiency, energy-saving motors: automotive motors, wind turbines, etc.

Other areas: safety systems, magnetic separators, magnetic resonance imaging, medical industry, special door locks, filters and filters, sensors, speakers, microphones/ear brushless motors, micro motors, VCM (voice coil motor), magnetic coupling, magnetic suckers, magnetic tools, etc.

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